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Base360 Cut Protective Socks

Base360 Cut Protective Socks are designed to be light and comfortable, the BASE360® (and BODYARMOUR®) socks provides the performance and protection required for today’s ice skating. Skates are sharp and protecting the critical areas of the ankle, achilles and calf is the best strategy in reducing injury.

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34,95 €

Base360 Cut Protective Socks is not your average sock, combining high tech fibers (ultra high molecular weight polyethylene) for maximum cut resistance and minimum weight, providing a barrier that can reduce the risk of injury from a skate laceration. The BASE360™ difference:

  • Fifteen (15) times stronger than steel on a weight-for-weight ratio
  • Manufactured without seams for comfort
  • Compression zones for snug fit
  • Will not absorb or be influenced by moisture
  • Resistant to biological growth
Marken Base360
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Preis 34,95 €
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