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At skate@sea, there’s always someone present with considerable experience in ice- and inline skating.

We have years of racing experience, in long track and marathons, on ice and on the road. We also run our own skate school, and are experienced coaches in inline- and ice skating. So we know what’s happening in our line of sport, and we are familiar with the demands that our products have to meet.

Our knowledge also shows itself in our service. We sharpen and round all kinds of blades, we mold your heat-moldable shoes to measure and deliver custom shoes from different brands.

With one of the largest assortments of the Netherlands, we are always able to deliver the newest products from stock. In addition to boots, frames and blades, we also sell clothing, sunglasses, protection, gadgets and sports nutrition. You benefit from the fact that we are closely connected to our suppliers.

We price our products strategically, so you won’t overpay.

Our size/fit guarantee with the boots bought in our shop (excluding the webshop), ensures that your new boots will fit you perfectly. If you do experience problems, we’ll do our utmost to find a satisfying solution. Painful feet can take away your pleasure in our sport, we like to prevent that!

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