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Bont Jet 195mm 6061 Package

The Bont Jet skate is the world most popular speed skate and for good reason. It is extremely good value for money, it's supportive and comfortable. The patented Bont 3 point design is brought together with the best materials and the most advanced inline frame computer stress test simulations on earth.

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Regulärer Preis: 450,00 €

Special Price 435,00 €

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Regulärer Preis: 450,00 €

Special Price 435,00 €

The Bont Jet Skate is made by hand using Bont’s unique one piece manufacturing technique.
The boot has anti stretch tapes that ensure the boot does not stretch over time. The carbon and fiberglass is hand laid around the memory foam ensuring a very light weight and strong construction. This boot is fully heat moldable and has been designed on a new tighter fitting last. The jet is more moldable and stiffer than the Cheetah.

The 3PF 6061 gets you into Bont's latest technology at an affordable price. The 6061 frame applies the same principles as the 7050 frame with the same great looks.

The Bont Jet skate is also available with a 2 point 195 mm boot, for more flex. When it is difficult to choose for you there is a Bont Midpoint for use the third point when you need it and remove it when you don't

•Carbon composite base
•Epoxy resin
•Microfiber liner
•Microfiber adjustable buckle
•Hand made 1 piece construction
•SMT(Super Mold Technology)
•EVA innersole
•Heat moldable tongue
•TPU toe protector
•Waxed laces
•Lace cover
•3PF 6061 frame 13.2" 110 / 3PF 6061 frame 12.6" 100/105

Marken Bont
Durchmesser 100 mm, 110 mm
Lieferzeit 3-4 Tage
Preis 450,00 €
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