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Bont RedMagic XX-Firm

The new Bont Red Magic is 7% stiffer than his old hub thanks to the use of fiberglass in the hub's structure. The urethane is faster and more consistent than before. This combination of these two advancements produces the fastest wheel from Bont and MPC ever seen. In the past, Bont has worked on his own wheel projects in isolation. This is the first time that Bont and MPC are now working together in collaboration on a single wheel. The combination of feedback from the athletes that MPC and Bont sponsor around the world are combined to perfect the Red Magic wheel.

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24,50 €

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24,50 €

The Bont Red Magic is the same wheel as the MPC RoadWar Evolution, the Bont RedMagic firm has a hardness of 87A/60A (hard) MPC has long been known for their famous patented flex band and their unbelievable grip. This year, with the new Bont Red Magic wheel, the focus has been on maintaining the grip while increasing the roll.

Marken Bont
Durchmesser 84 mm, 90 mm, 100 mm, 110 mm
Lieferzeit 2-3 Days
Preis 24,50 €
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