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CadoMotus Comp Transformer frame

The CadoMotus Competition Transformer is a frame which grow with you. This frame is also made for a 3x 125mm set up. The frame is build on a lightweight platform that shares many of the same design improvements and characteristics of the innovated CadoMotus DualBox5 frame, skaters can, with the 12.4 or 12.8" frame, choose for a 3 x 110mm or more standard 4 x 100mm wheel configuration. For those more seasoned or bigger athletes going from 4 x 110mm to 3 x 125mm which is really the future, the 13.2" frame you can skate on for years to come. The multi-frame utility of the Comp TR make it the cost-effective choice that doesn't sacrifice quality, function or performance.

The 13.2" TR frame for 3x125 fits most common inline boots of size 43 and up. Smaller size boots may need frame spacers to lift the boot 2mm up. The rear deck height of the Comp Transformer 13.2 frame is 62mm. CadoMotus special frame spacers are available with or without an angle. Options are 0°, 1° and 2°.

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149,00 €

CadomMotus Comp Transformer frame features:

  • Frame alu: alloy 6061
  • Frame boot mount: 195mm
  • Sports level: newspeed, competition
  • Frame profile: semi-solid
  • Frame length 12.4"
  • Wheel config 2-in-1 4x100|3x110
  • Rear Deck height 100/2 + 58 = 108mm
  • Frame length 12.8"
  • Wheel config 2-in-1 4x100|3x110
  • Rear Deck height 100/2 + 58 = 108mm
  • Frame length 13.2"
  • Wheel config 2-in-1 4x110|3x125
  • Rear Deck height 110/2 + 62 = 117mm
  • Rear Deck height 125/2 + 62 = 125mm
Marken CadoMotus
Durchmesser 100 mm, 110 mm, 125 mm
Lieferzeit 2-3 Days
Preis 149,00 €
Call For Price Nein
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