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CadoMotus PRO 4x110 DualBox

The PRO frame is state of the art. 4x110 is the new trend and ties into this this frame. The frame uses the proven successful DualBox3 technology, is light, very stiff and provides an ultimate driving experience.

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Regulärer Preis: 200,00 €

Special Price 180,00 €

4-wheel 195mm (stitch) for wheels of 100mm to 110mm. The ultimate in performance and quality, based on DualBox3 technology made ​​for racers who want to follow the latest developments. Suitable for: Longer juniors and adult women and men. The frame is developed for Pro Contest Throat Traducers but also keen touring riders who seek top performance. specifications: Configuration: 4 wheels, 100mm-110mm, divided equally between the frame Insert: 195mm Length: 13.3 in/337, 8mm Weight (excl. axles): 233g Confirmation: 1x slot width 20mm front, 18mm rear 1x slot width, 195mm pitch Material: WT-3 Aluminum Alloy, Extruded DualBox3 Axles: M7, anodized (excl. header) Lines / lettering: Full-color sublimated, scratch-resistant
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Durchmesser 110 mm
Lieferzeit 3-4 Tage
Preis 200,00 €
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