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EHS ACS Blade is one of the three top tubes of the EHS short track collection. Inspired by the EVO Argon that has been produced by Hagen technology for many years, the EHS ACS is one of the showpieces in the EHS short track collection. The blade is made from the unrivaled high-quality trusted aluminum tube material and equipped with superior, tight blades. The bends will longer and gives the familiar feeling and control of the EVO Argon. ACS stands for Argon Campbell Speed, DC01 stands for the initials from Derrick Campbell former winner of gold at the Olympic Games by Derrick Campbell and the co-designer of the EVO Argon and the EHS ACS. The ACS is the stiffest variant of the three EHS top tubes.

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475,00 €

EHSkates ACS short track blade features:

  • Successor to the EVO Argon
  • Most stiff of the three EHS top blades
  • Smooth grinded Kromkamp steel
  • Bi-metal or PM till 66hrc
  • Trusted hard aluminum alloy keeps the bent
  • Very precise prebent
  • Extra hard aluminium milled cups, which is stiffer and longer last
  • Proven quality
  • Avaiable in 15" 18" 165mm mounting
  • 140mm mounting on request
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Preis 475,00 €
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