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Luigino Tempo 995

The Luigino Tempo 995 is the first boot of its kind, combining tradition with innovation, to achieve the ultimate long track speed skating boot for those that demand the traditional feel with more control. Luigino has been developing the 995 for 18 months. In order to achieve better performance for skaters demanding that traditional feel combined with more control, we knew we had to think outside the box. 995 features a narrow last for a overall glove-like fit. In addition, our flexible toe and arch maximizes 'ice feel'. All 995 boots are required to be Aqua Molded before use. This ensures superior fit, control and comfort.

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Regulärer Preis: 450,00 €

Special Price 409,00 €

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Regulärer Preis: 450,00 €

Special Price 409,00 €

Features: • BFT • Lace cover • Waxed laces • Microfiber lining • Pro-E • AquaTech • Sizes: 1/32-15/47 • Carbon fiber/Kevlar shell • Polone ankle padding • Flexible toes and arch Benefits: Tempo 995 is designed with anatomical built in Pro-E soles for superior control and comfort. The first boot you control with the bottom of your foot. This unique feature brought to you exclusively by Luigino, positions your foot into the sole rather than ‘on top’ of the sole. With AquaTech molding, the 995 provides ultimate control. Barefoot Technology delivers better fit and performance through innovation.
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Preis 450,00 €
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