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Marchese Record 853 blades

The 853 tube is heat-treated to give high strength and damage resistance, and the steel properties allow thin walls to be used, so that lower weight but fatigue-resistant structures can be made.
Combined with the PM-grade bimetal runner this blade is up to 3x stronger than Viking or Maple, with the same flex range.

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Regulärer Preis: 775,00 €

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The highest quality materials and most rigid manufacturing standards combine to produce excellence on ice.

Record blades, unmistakable by its unique 'Open Tube' finish, features:

 - Reynolds 853 seamless air-hardening heat-treated tubing, maintaining the bend longer
 - Gas shielded metal arc brazing that ensures a lifetime blade-to-runner fixation
 - PM-grade bimetal runner for the best glide properties and sharpest blade possible
 - 7075-grade aluminium clap system fitted with 688 TwinCam® ILQ cartridge bearings: lightweight, strong and durable
 - Oversized linear springs to increase performance lifetime

Marken Marchese
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Preis 775,00 €
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