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Matter Defcon 100mm

Defcon wheels combine the great rolling properties of Matter Juice wheels with superb grip, making them ideal for track AND road racing. The combination of fast PU, with the EMT core and converttible wheel technology (hence more PU and more flexibility) makes this wheel very performing (many medals at world championships 2010) and very comfortable to skate on at the same time.

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Regulärer Preis: 14,35 €

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CWT (Convertible Wheel Technology) was developed specifically for the Track. While EMT allows the skater to manage energy, CWT provides additional footprint on the track for better grip. Combined with XG, Code Red, Nuclear or now also Defcon, the skater will have the opportunity, NO MATTER THE SURFACE, to find the suitable track setup. See the Matter track wheel Matrix for suggested wheel setups based on surface type. During the development of Hollow Core Technology, it became apparent that Hollow wasn’t the answer for ALL surfaces and all conditions. Clearly, there are certain styles of skating and certain terrains where additional flex is required to allow the skater to better manage energy. So, back to the lab we went and the end result is the two-piece, EMT flex technology. EMT has road and track applications and one will find the EMT option throughout the Matter line.
Marken Matter
Durchmesser 100 mm
Lieferzeit 3-4 Tage
Preis 14,35 €
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