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Ribcap Reed

The Ribcap is the first and unique protection outdoorcap, because of the sewn protection pads. Ribcap has both the warming characteristics and comfort like an ordinary hat and is difficult to distinguish. Ribcap has an integrated protection material structure with shock absorbing properties and also thereby ensures a decrease in the risk of injury to the head.

The Ribcap Reed is the Ribcap with adjustable face pack in case of extreme weather, loved by our customers by the originality and the unique look! The Palmer-model is finished with the best merinoswhool. In this way we guarantee a perfect combination of style and functionality!

The sewn protection pads protects you against scratches and hypothermia. Much of our customers used their Ribcaps daily for all their outdooractivities and love the great wearing comfort, the protection and the unique style!

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Regulärer Preis: 92,00 €

Special Price 87,40 €

The Ribcap is 100% breathable and also very light (180-210 grams). The Ribcap is described as trendy and cool in Switzerland and also has even won an award for best design. Ribcap is used, by skaters, figure skaters, skaters, skateboarders, snowboarders, skiers, mountain bikers, climbers and in the sleddogsport. Ribcap is known from ""dancing with the stars. "Warning: Ribcap has no helmet mark and does not protect as well as a helmet. 

The Ribcap features:

  • Ribcap is a revolutonair product;
  • Unique;
  • designed in Schwiss and produced in Europe;
  • leightweight and comfortable;
  • 100 % breathable;
  • Washable;
  • possible to fold;
  • 3 sizes
  • Weight: 120 g-200 g (depends on the size)

 Extra features Ribcap Reed:

  • adjustable face pack for extreme weather.


Warning: not such a protection like a helmet!



Small: 53–55 cm

Medium: 56–58 cm

Large: 59–61 cm

Marken Ribcap
Art Schlittschuh
Lieferzeit 3-4 Tage
Preis 92,00 €
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