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Viking Silver Nagano Special

Viking Silver Nagano Special ice skate, The Viking Silver boot is completely renewed. This high performance skating shoe can be completely molded to the foot, thanks to thermo fitting and is suitable for both, recreation and competitive use. The increased thermoplastic ankle pockets and a secure fit ensure optimal support and control. The Viking Silver boot is therefore ideal for comfortable and technical skating. This in combination with the well known Viking Nagano Silver makes a high performance but affordable speed skate

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845,00 €

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845,00 €

Viking Silver Skate boot features:

  • Thermo Fitting Contrefort
  • Light weight carbon/glas fiber shell
  • Extra soft ankle padding
  • universal but, competition fit
  • Integreded lace cover of Pu/lycra
  • Soft natural calfskin liner
  • Cow-leather upper
  • Reinforeced lacing wholes
  • Waxed laces
  • Avaiable size: 33-47

Viking Nagano Special blades features:

  • Material of the tube: - Steel
  • Thickness of the tube: - 0,75 mm
  • Material of the runner: - HSS Bimetal
  • Thickness of the runner: - 1.1 mm
  • Hardness: - 62/63 HRC
  • Attachment of the runner: - Spot welding and soft soldering
  • After treatment: - Sharpening and brushing
  • Finishing: - Wet varnish
  • Color: - Black
  • Height: - 35 mm
  • Bracket: - Aluminium Nagano Black anodised
Marken Viking
Lieferzeit 2-3 Days
Preis 845,00 €
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